For this class you'll need the following software:

  1. A text editor. I recommend Sublime text.
  2. A web browser. I'll use Chrome in class for it's dev tools.

We'll use Github Pages for free hosting.

Some other web resources, a link sharing platform.
WhereBy, a site for free video conferencing.
Glitch, a site where you can code in the browser. Great for working collaboratively or sketching something on the fly.

JavaScript & JQuery
Video tutorials

MIT Code Lectures, videos of lectures from an MIT class on web programming. Includes lectures on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other concepts like wireframing, UI/UX, frameworks, etc.

Code Academy, web courses that include jQuery, at many levels. You read and do quizzes. Free trial available.

Free Code Camp, available via LinkedIn Learning through Yale.

Treehouse, online tutorials for all types of web programming, including JavaScript.

Eloquent JavaScript, a book about the language of JavaScript. Great if you like things explained in full sentences, with metaphors, and if you want a broad introduction to concepts of programming.